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German KVT-Fastening Starts Offering of Leankeasy® Blind Rivet Bolt by Clufix
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LEANKEASY® is an individual, ready-to-install pre-assembled component comprising a screw and a blind rivet nut. Crimping the nut and screwing in the bolt take place as part of a single installation step, without any special preparations being necessary concerning the tools and work pieces. This means the blind rivet bolt is especially suited for use in vehicle building, particularly in the automotive sector, and in all other metalworking areas. In comparison to other traditional fastening methods with separate nuts and bolts, LEANKEASY® is able to reduce the manufacturing costs normally caused by this procedure quite drastically. Due to the considerably simplified fastening process, the working time required is reduced by over a half. In all, according to the scenario in which they are used, average savings of up to 35 % are achieved.


The LEANKEASY®, available in thread size M 6, is quite persuasive with its potential for cost saving. The screw connection is made in a single process step and it still only needs a standard open-ended wrench or a cordless or pneumatic screwdriver.

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