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Industry Activities 

King Yuan Dar Enters ASEAN & Serves Global Automotive Clients with New Thailand Plant
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     King Yuan Dar, a specialized heat treatment equipment manufacturer in Taiwan, goes against the tide with sales figures doubling up this year. Mr. Tseng Chang Lung, general manager, said he just happened to strike a large deal valued at tens of millions of New Taiwanese dollars (NTD) on the day of the interview with Fastener World Magazine. Growth is unstoppable for this company that has gone up a notch by setting up a new plant in Thailand to mark a new milestone for 2021. Needless to say, the company is much favored by clients.

Eyes on the Automotive Market; 
Putting Roots Down in Thailand & Tapping into ASEAN
     The company invested USD 10 million in a plant spanning 30 thousand square meters in Thailand. The plant can house up to 120 people and mainly serves the automotive market including electric vehicles. The general manager said the Thailand plant can provide top-notch heat treatment and surface treatment on automotive components and fasteners, as well as provide related customized machines of the quality and service level on par with the headquarters’. The Thai automotive market will be the stepping stone for the company into the whole ASEAN market. Global clients are welcome to purchase directly through the Thailand plant in addition to the headquarters.

4 Equipment Products Highlighted for 2021 

Heat Retrieval Type Tempering Furnace
Cyclic Continuous Vacuum Spheroidizing Furnace
Cyclic Continuous Vacuum High Temperature Sintering Furnace
Cyclic Continuous Box Vacuum Carburizing Furnace

Including 8 Features: 

Thermal Recyclable & Reusable
Increased capacity & stable quality
Reduced gas consumption in the furnace
High Efficiency/Eco-friendly/Energy-saving
Batch production management
Combining remote visual management & intelligent AI monitoring
Intelligent equipment to automatically record capacity, power and gas consumption
Free of bumps, mixed materials and mesh belt

Future for King Yuan Dar Only Turns Brighter in 2022 

     From 2020 to this date, market demand for the company's heat treatment equipment continues to increase. The general manager already foresees continual growth in 2022. Plus, he will roll out a newly-developed continuous box furnace at the end of this year which he hopes will add new vigor to the annual performance for King Yuan Dar.
Contact: Mr. Tseng Chang Lung    
King Yuan Dar
ASEAN market
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Industry Activities