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Ferrite Magnets (Made by cutting)
MAGTECH MAGNETIC PRODUCTS CORP. (LEAP TONG) , Ferrite Magnets (Made by cutting) , Hardwares
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Ferrite Magnets (Made by cutting)
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Surface Treatment
Ferrite Magnets (Made by cutting)
Ferrite Magnets (Made by cutting)
Ferrite Magnets (Made by cutting)
Magnetic tools
Ferrite Magnets (Made by cutting)
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Ferrite Magnets (Made by cutting)
Ferrite Magnets (Made by cutting)
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Ferrite Magnets (Made by cutting)
Detailed Description
Ferrite magnets are the most used magnet materials in the world, mainly made by molding or cutting. The main raw material is ferrite oxide, which can be divided into variety of grades according to different ratios of SrO or BaO added.
The common standard grade today is FE-30BH, we now have stocks of various sizes and grades, which can also accept orders of various specifications, and delivery in a short time for cutting magnets.

The main features of ferrite magnets are:
1. Black and gray appearance.
2. Body similar to ceramic hard and brittle.
3. Magnetic force is lower than rare earth magnet, but the price is relatively low.
4. Oxide materials are resistant to acid, alkali and corrosion.
5. Different magnetization gets various magnetic fields, such as axially, diametrical, radial, multipoles on surface or circumference et.

◆Application:Electronics and motor industry (Sputter Elements, Motors, Sensor Parts, Bells & Buzzers, Audio Speakers, Micro Motors, DIY Parts, Toy magnets, Education Parts), Automation industry(Magnetic Gears, Magnetic Couplings, Non touch Magnetic Devices), Healthcare industry (Health Therapy Products), Other industry (Vehicle Magnet Parts, Iron-chip Separators, Others/Customized Products) 
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