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Wood screws are primarily used for woodworking both indoor and outdoor, and it can be used for installing drywall in houses, buildings and offices, they have sharp point that can pierce through drywall.

High-quality colorized zinc plated surface self-tapping screws that made of carton steel, durable and sturdy, high in strength, non-deforming, zinc plated can improve the ability of corrosion resistance and anti resistance, it can be reserved longtime.

【Modified Truss Washer Head 】
High Performance Exterior Coated Star/Torx Drive Wood Screws-Easy Install Torx
Modified Truss (Washer) Head Provides High Compression Forces & Neat and Finished Appearance
Quality Wood Screw Thread Require Less Torque to Drive the Screw & Provide Maximum Holding Power
Torx/Star Drive Wood Screw Head Provides Twice the Torque of Phillips or Square Drive Screw Heads
Exterior Coated Screws Have Been Through a 1200 Hour Salt Spray Test.
1/4" Construction Lag Screw Thread Diameter Modified Truss Head Screw (1/2" Head Diameter)
Use T25 Torx/Star Drive Bit for Installing Construction Lag Wood Screws.

【Coarse Deep Thread Phillips Pan Head Screws Nickel Plated】
This nickel-plated screw has excellent holding power in particle board, MDF, and plastic material.
Diameter: #9, Length: 1-1/2"
Drive: Torx, Head: Wafer Head 
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