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TR Fastenings Launch New Plas-Tech 30-20® Screws to Product Range
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     TR’s latest product launch of the new Plas-Tech 30-20® screws is another indicator of the company’s determination to increase its range that is currently available in the market, to give their customers yet more advantages in their production processes.
     Plas-Tech 30-20® screws are new to the market, but are part of the company’s established and popular Plas-Tech® range, and are available with various protective coatings. They are of particular importance in the automotive, tech & infrastructure and health & home markets.
     The Plas-Tech 30-20® offers several advantages over conventional thread-forming screws in plastic, such as a 20% finer pitch and lower flank angle to improve axial resistance, a reduced thread angle to lessen axial displacement, up to 25% higher thread fill to improve maximum joint strength, and a smoother installation that heightens resistance to vibration.
     Key features of the Plas-Tech 30-20® include minimal radial stress, superior vibration resistance, high torsional strength and tensile strength, optimal thread pitch, and high reusability.
TR Fastenings
Plas-Tech 30-20®螺絲
Plas-Tech 30-20® Screws
axial resistance improvement
reduced axial displacement
improved maximum joint strength
hightened resistance to vibration
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