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Bi-Mirth Low Carbon Manufacturing- New Tactic for GREEN Niche
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     Catch this slogan: “Green Era, Green Bi-Mirth.” It is sure to stay in the memory of global fastener buyers with Low Carbon Tactic 2024 proclaimed by this company which is widely known for construction screw products. Taiwan is one of the first in the Asia Pacific fastener supply chains to have reacted to ESG, carbon reduction and CBAM requirements. On the front line of global customer demand, Bi-Mirth prepared early before the pilot phase of CBAM, and now it is tapping into the GREEN manufacturing, following its two growth pillars. This cover story delves into its latest development.
Low Carbon Production Aligning with American & European Buyers Demand
     The company told Fastener World Magazine that almost all its European customers are eager to know if Bi-Mirth is CBAM-ready, and the answer is no doubt affirmative. “We submitted the CBAM report to each customer before the deadline and we are in contact with our customers on how we can modify or improve our CBAM report. On the American side, we are actively monitoring Clean Competition Act which may start this year. We are looking to act accordingly as it comes up in the future.”
     Diverse carbon reduction measures have been introduced into the production line. In the past two years, Bi-Mirth invested a lot in the oil filtration system in order to clean and recycle used oil. This process reduces the emission and also helps recycle some oil during the production. This year it is going to implement digitization in the manufacturing process which will include monitoring electric use on each manufacturing process. This way, Bi-Mirth can see where and what is needed to be improved upon to make the process more energy efficient and reduce manufacturing steps, unnecessary wastes and carbon emission.
 (Using low carbon manufacturing equipment)
   The production line will systematically implement three guidelines to reduce carbon emission: Diagnosis, Implementation, and Review. Every manufacturing process needs to be diagnosed to locate emission factors, and an action plan is implemented to look for ways to reduce carbon. This is followed by a constant review on how much carbon emission has been reduced to reach lower emission year by year and pave the way to acquire the following two ISO certifications.
Targeting ISO 14064-1 & ISO 50001 Certification
     “We are looking to lower our carbon footprints because we understand this is the only way to move forward in the fastener industry, said the company. That is why the target this year is to get certified to Greenhouse Gas Accounting and Verification (ISO 14064-1), as well as Energy Management System Certification (ISO 50001). Plus, Bi-Mirth is in the process of installing solar panels on all its factories and is actively finding alternative methods to reduce carbon footprints.”
Focus on Developing Special Long Sizes
     Parallel with low carbon production are Bi-Mirth stainless steel long screws now being featured in 2024. These include chipboard screws, self-tapping screws and self-drilling screws, all compliant to international standards and are able to penetrate 1+1 mm steel plates. Other products include long bi-metal self-drilling screws. No matter if the material is carbon steel or stainless steel, the roadmap of the company’s future is to develop special long products.
As Bi-Mirth explained, inventory level remains high at American and European customers’ end, and the inflation has caused market contraction; therefore, demand is yet to return to the level as before. “Customers need screw products in good quality and low price, and that puts the pressure on the manufacturers. This is also why we expand on special carbon steel and stainless steel screws,” said the company.
6 Major Plans for a GREEN Future
     In response to customers’ demand mentioned above, Bi-Mirth has put up 6 plans for 2024:
● Improve screw product quality and help customers secure market shares with high performing products
● Continuously monitor and roll out products that meet market demands
● Dedication to developing and improving stainless steel screws and new products
● High investment in energy-saving measures and production equipment
● Continuously improve production efficiency
● Diverse optimization to provide the market with acceptable prices
     Bi-Mirth stressed its will to bring low-carbon and high value-add products to the world: “In this competitive environment, we have to make new and innovative products, but at the same time, we need to lower our carbon emission in order to be in the fastener industry. If we are not doing any carbon reduction, there is no chance for us to be in the market as the trend is moving towards net zero.” Challenges are lurking around and survival is anything but easy. There is no time for fastener companies to hesitate or linger. Bi-Mirth will continue the path of green manufacturing.
Contact: Bi-Mirth Sales Team
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