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Industry Activities 

Professional Customization of Prevailing Torque Nuts- Shaw Guang Enterprise is Not Lagging Behind in Carbon Reduction
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Fastener Fair USA Booth No. 120
     Shaw Guang Enterprise Co., Ltd. is one of the most professional manufacturers in Taiwan in terms of technology and quality in the nut manufacturing supply chain. Its 5,950 sq. m plant with more than 100 sets of equipment has an average monthly capacity of 500 tons, mainly producing carbon steel/stainless steel/copper Kep Nuts, Conical Washer Nuts, Flange Conical Washer Nuts, Serration Conical Washer Nuts, Nylon Conical Washer Nuts, Nylon Flange Conical Washer Nuts, Cap Conical Washer Nuts, Conical Washer Nuts With Paint Scraper Groove, Self Locking Nuts- One/Two Ring in sizes of M3-M20. With production locations in Taiwan and China, Shaw Guang has successfully gained entry into many of the world's middle and high end application markets showing large quantities of demand for nuts over the past 25 years through the production of high quality precision nuts.
Expanding into the U.S. Market and Demonstrating Proven Customization Capabilities
     At Fastener Fair USA in Cleveland, which is to take place this May, Shaw Guang, also an exhibitor, will take advantage of this annual industry exchange platform to show its customization capability and related services for prevailing torque nuts to the visitors. This series of prevailing torque nuts can provide excellent fastening performance in automotive, white goods, solar, mechanical and electronic applications. Shaw Guang's greatest strength is its ability to quickly meet customers' customized needs.
     Facing the changes in market demand and industry needs in 2024, Shaw Guang has been actively making lots of efforts in the R&D of nut manufacturing technology and practical applications. "This product is 100% customized with many variations and complexities. In addition to the rich development experience we have accumulated, this year we have also initiated in-house process optimization and upgraded production equipment such as stamping and forming machines, with the goal of providing customers with faster delivery and more stable product quality, and we also hope to find more customers from the white goods, solar, machinery and electronics industries at the exhibition,” said Special Assistant Tom Huang.
IATF 16949 Certified & Actively Preparing for ISO14064 and ISO14067 Certifications
     Shaw Guang obtained the IATF 16949 certification in 2014, and established a punches & dies department in the same year and a laboratory the following year. In order to strictly control the quality of products, its heat treatment and associate factories are also required to be CQI certified. It even once received an inquiry from a well-known sanitary equipment manufacturer for its complete quality assurance and ability to provide nuts made of different materials. In addition, in order to comply with the EU's carbon reduction requirements, it has also begun ISO 14064 carbon inventory counseling and preparation for ISO 14067, including the installation of smart meters, the replacement of old power-consuming equipment, the collection of carbon emission data and the requirement for associate companies to provide carbon emission data, etc..
     "Last year, the industry was hit hard by the general environment, but I believe that as long as we continue to move forward in our nut profession, the market performance will get better and better. This year, we also hope to promote the application of nuts in more areas, and at the same time, we will actively improve and optimize the production lines. Although it remains to be seen how the world's major markets will perform, I believe that 2024 will definitely be a turning point," added Huang.
 Contact: Special Assistant Tom Huang
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