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Japanese Kankei Corporation Successfully Develops Drivable Screw Nails
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     Kankei has developed Double Lock NailⓇ harnessing the strength of a self-rotating screw and allowing the use of a nail gun to drive it in place. It can also be removed like a screw, not with a pry bar but by using a power tool. It exerts the fastening force of a screw and can be inserted with a nail gun, working both like a screw and nail. 
     Unlike conventional screw nails, the entire Double Lock NailⓇ is embedded in the material when driven in, exerting full strength without creating open space between materials. This is achieved by fastening with the entire nail to create a strong grip without cracking thin wood. It can also be used to fasten C shaped steel and aluminum.
螺紋釘Double Lock NailⓇ
Kankei Corporation
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