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Taiwan CSC Reduces Average Domestic Prices for Dec. by 1.65%, the 1st Decline Since Last July
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     Getting close to the end of this year and considering various pressures on Taiwanese steel industry such as int’l market fluctuations, problems faced in supply chains, shipment cost surge, low inventory level, and capital deployment, Taiwan CSC has determined to made appropriate price adjustment over certain domestically sold products (except for galvanized steel rolls and electromagnetic steel rolls). The average price reduction margin is 1.65% (see the detailed adjustments below).  
     According to Taiwan CSC, the stricter control over coal prices in China heavily impacted by the lack of energy sources dragged down the prices of Chinese steel products. China Baowu Steel Group has adjusted its Dec. prices for certain products downward by at least RMB 200-300 per ton and Formosa Ha Tinh Steel Corporation in Vietnam has also adjusted its price for hot rolled products downward by USD 40 per ton, which may cause some impacts on the Asian steel market.

Products priced on a monthly basis Item Average Price Adjustment (NTD/Ton)
Hot Rolled Steel Plate                            -600
Hot Rolled Material                            -600
Hot Rolled General Material                            -600
Cold Rolled General Material                            -600
Galvanized Steel Roll                                 0
Hot-Dip Galvanized Steel Roll for Construction, Coated Material                            -600
Electromagnetic Steel Roll (Medium to Low Class / High Class)                                0
Taiwan CSC
Dec. price adjustment
hot/cold rolled steel roll
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