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Industry Activities 

Linkwell Industry Co., Ltd.- Stable Growth & Supply for Global Fastener Demand
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     Linkwelll was one of the pioneers dedicated in fastener trade back when Taiwan fastener industry was taking form. Extending to fastener manufacture and utilizing both roles as a manufacturer and trader, it is now known as the department store of fasteners. Its assorted range of fasteners guaranteed with Taiwanese credibility and quality are supplied to the machinery, automotive and construction industries. Linkwell has manufacturing plants in Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, China and Taiwan, and a majority of customers from the U.S. and Europe.
Linkwell After Year 2020
     The company managed through the financial crisis and U.S./China trade conflict unharmed. It set a new high in sales in 2019, when the tit for tat between China and the U.S. moved purchase orders to Taiwan and Southeast Asia and benefited the company having plants in multiple local countries. At its 44th year, Linkwell continues to serve global customers while aiming at “stable business running” and “business growth”.
     The reason that it can be a reliable supply source for clients is because it is rooted in Taiwan and extends to Southeast Asia and China. All of its overseas plants support one-stop and streamlined production with stable quality, starting from material handling to production, processing, electroplating, packaging, inspection and delivery.
Characterized Local Plants to Combat a Series of Crisis
     Each of Linkwell’s plant is characterized as in Table 1. The Vietnam and China plants feature carbon steel screws (Vietnam: mostly small screws and self-drilling screws; China: mostly large bolts). The Indonesia and Malaysia plants mainly manufacture stainless steel screws (Indonesia: mostly standard screws; Malaysia: mostly special screws). The Vietnam plant began production 4 years ago and is now full-fledged with a full process from heading to threading, slotting, heat treating and electroplating completed under stringent quality control. This plant continues to gain additional orders. Each plant above comes with its feature and competitiveness that are recognized by buyers.
Automation and Lean Workforce are the Keys to the Future
     The pandemic results in shortage of workforce across the global fastener industry. The critical target of development for fastener companies is the adoption of automated equipment and a lean workforce so they can stand to create manufacturing efficiency and increase added values for products. Linkwell anticipates to work with interested partners to provide versatile products and service and work together to reduce costs and create maximal profits for clients.
Table 1.
Pinghu City (Zhejiang Province of China)
Plant Name
Well Union Metal Sdn. Bhd
PT. Batam Well Industry
Viet-Screw Company
Fastwell Industry Co., Ltd.
9,000 Sq m.
1,2000 Sq m.
32,000 Sq m.
20,000 Sq m.
42 heading machines
4 forming machines
50 heading machines
2 forming machines
70 heading machines
15 heading machines
10 forming machines
Monthly Capacity
180-200 tons
200-250 tons
900 tons
1,000 tons
Mainly stainless steel (A2、A4、410 SS) screws and small screws.
Self-drilling, chipboard , drywall, self-tapping, machine screws, and bolts below (including) Ø M10.
Mainly stainless steel (A2、A4、410 SS) screws and small screws.
Self-drilling, chipboard, drywall, self-tapping, machine screws.
Mainly carbon steel and small screws.
Self-drilling screws, chipboard screws, drywall screws, collated screws, self-tapping screws, concrete screws.
Carriage bolts (DIN 603), hexagon head screws, flanged bolts, machine screws.
Contact person: Ms. Paggy Chen
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