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Industry Activities 

Launching New Office Building- A Boost to Tong Ho Shing’s Customized Fastener Production & Service
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     Focusing on the construction and furniture markets, Tong Ho Shing International mainly manufactures stainless steel hex washer socket head screws, flange screws, round head screws, flat head screws, pan head screws and other small screws. It can manufacture to a range covering M3.5 to M6 DIN-compliant products and #6-#14 IFI-compliant products. This special fastener company located in Kaohsiung City was founded in 2011 and is ISO 9001 certified. Soon it has set a corporate milestone by completing a brand-new office building that is expected to increase capacity, orders and service.
     Vice General Manager Zhu Xiao Yu of the company said in an interview with Fastener World that the first floor of this 3-story building serves as an office; the second floor is for salespersons and is a place for face-to-face talks with clients; the third floor is for data and documents storage. Each floor spans about 165 square meters.
     Vice General Manager explained the purpose for the office building is to provide clients with a better communication environment. Since the building was built next to the manufacturing plant, the previous office room can now be used to accommodate more production equipment, thereby increasing the capacity and improving the workflow of the production line.
     Coupled with the cozier space to do business, the company has installed 3 all-new threading machines and forming machines in mid- July that increase the total number of its manufacturing equipment to 73 sets.
     Tong Ho Shing highly regards and sees “lead time, quality, speed and traceability” as the 4 critical pillars to serve clients. The company has the management staff supervise the manufacturing area and solve personnel’s problems on site. It also digitizes and systematizes orders via ERP management to let clients track where their orders have progressed at any time and delivers the products on time.
     Its orderbook has never been impacted ever since the global COVID outbreak. On one hand this could be more or less attributed to the surge in the American infrastructure and home renovation demand over the past two years. On the other hand, the high quality of the company’s customized fasteners makes for a very loyal customer base who show their trust in Tong Ho Shing’s quality. Currently the orders have piled up to the end of this year. However, Vice General Manager reminds that we should not neglect the impact of material price surge during these two years.
     The company has English-speaking personnel to provide overseas customers with direct service. If clients require surface treatment or anti-corrosion treatment, the company has collaborative factories to carry out and can even give suggestions on red rust and white rust standards according to the applications of customers. If the clients’ orders are urgent, it can prioritize and redeploy the staff to fully satisfy their demand and avoid delaying delivery. Vice General Manager said the company currently has the opportunity to be in talks with a Japanese client. Besides the U.S., Europe and Southeast Asia, Tong Ho Shing already has a good shot at tapping into the Japanese market in the future.
Contact: Vice G.M. Zhu Xiao Yu
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