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Industry Activities 

Nitto Seiko's 2nd Indonesia Plant Now Offers Vertically Integrated Production
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     PT. NITTO ALAM INDONESIA (invested by Japanese Nitto Seiko) starting with 30 employees was founded in 1985 with the total investment value of 700 million Rupiah. Its second plant inaugurated in Bekasi on August 2018 is dedicated to introducing automated production to provide automotive and other industry clients with high quality and shorter lead times. The so-called automated production system means that the plant has the equipment for heading, threading, heat treatment, electroplating, inspection and packaging. It took the plant 3 years to establish the vertically integrated production system, helping shorten the lead time by around 30%. The plant will target the Japanese manufacturing cluster in Bekasi on the outskirts of Jakarta, and provide them with screws, bolts, anchors and other special cold forged products.
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