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ENGINEER Makes you a Hero Against Rusty & Stripped Screws
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Award-winning Innovator from Osaka (Japan)
     If you are a hardcore tool user, hear this out. ENGINEER INC. is the iF Design award and multi-patent holder known for Nejisaurus screw removal pliers that have sold 5 million units over the past decade. With vertical-line teeth to create the best gripping angle on screw heads and arch-line teeth to maximize the grip and the friction, there is literally no screws, rusty or stripped, that the jaws of the pliers can’t bite. It is the all-in-one package against rusty and stripped screws, and works very well and is much simpler and quicker than using a fluted screw extractor bit.
     If you think that is all from ENGINEER, you’d be wrong. Customer feedback is pivotal in the company’s product design and it led to the invention of new specialty pliers: one for tackling flat head and countersunk head screws, and one for hexagonal socket head screws. There is also a rust removal spray that kicks away rust on small parts in as fast as ten seconds.
     To ENGINEER, innovation comes from discovering and solving customers’ issues, but that is not all it takes to become a successful innovator. The company has its unique MPDP management being Marketing, Patent, Design, Promotion. They look for potential needs via marketing, and once they have a lead on customers’ desires, they begin to apply for patents, design new products and then start promotion. This is their golden ticket to rolling out million sellers like Nejisaurus pliers.
Creative Marketing that Sticks out
     No clue about the naming of Nejisaurus? It is a combination of screw (Neji) plus tyrannosaurus, and you guessed it - the pliers grip a screw head with its robust jaws like a T-rex. This very idea then gives birth to ENGINEER’s own adorable mascot called Nejisaurus that has a liking for devouring rusty and stripped screws. The company is the one-in-the-million tool maker in Japan with a unique mascot. Its marketing creativity doesn’t just stop there. ENGINEER rolls out comics and anime for Nejisaurus to spread their design concept to the younger generation, and the president of the company appears on Youtube broadcast, Facebook and other social media platforms to present products.
“Our products consist of 3 elements: coolness, innovation and playful mind. Osaka is a city of fun and being playful is an integral part of our creativity,” says the president. “We have made it through a decade of trials and errors in product development and now is our time to make you a hero against rusty and stripped screws!”
Contact: Mr. Kataoka ( Overseas Department)  
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