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Industry Activities 

TONG HO SHING Wins Customers’ Trust with High Quality Small Screws
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     Located in Luzhu, Kaohsiung, Tong Ho Shing International Co., Ltd. is specialized in producing stainless steel hex washer socket head screws, flange screws, round head screws, flat head screws, pan head screws, etc.  The specifications of its products range from M3.5 to M6 (DIN standards) and from #6 to #14 (IFI standards). In addition to standard products, Tong Ho Shing also welcomes partially or fully customized orders and is capable of suggesting the most suitable tolerances according to customers’ drawings, helping maximize the ultimate performance of customers’ products.
Mainly Serving Construction and Furniture Application Markets / Well-built Customer Loyalty
     Entering the ISO 9001 certified factory of Tong Ho Shing, one will see piles of orderly placed high-quality stainless steel wires already in place for further processing and those heading/drilling/threading machines at the rear end operated by professional technicians are also running at full speed to process the orders placed by European/U.S./Japanese buyers. With strict quality management systems, Tong Ho Shing can deliver products to customers within the most efficient lead times. If customers have requirements for surface treatment or corrosion resistance, Tong Ho Shing also has several associate factories to carry out these requirements and can even give suggestions about red rust and white rust standards according to applications of customers’ products. With its scrupulous service attitude and professional technology complementing each other, Tong Ho Shing has gained lots of loyal customers since its inception in 2011.  
     Vice General Manager Zhu Xiao Yu said, “Rigorous but flexible management is our biggest know-how. Our management staff regularly go around and inspect the factory and help solve problems of on-site operators. We also process orders through computerized and systematic ERP to effectively keep track of every customer’s order status. If customers’ orders are urgent, we can also make them into a priority and redeploy our staff to process to fully satisfy their demands and avoid shipment delays.”
Winning the Game by High Quality and Upgrading Facilities & Strengths Continuously 
     Despite the existence of so many competitors on the global small screw market, Tong Ho Shing still holds a firm presence by offering products with a high quality-price ratio and continuously attracts customers to place their orders. Since the factory relocation from Gangshan to Luzhu in 2014, the number of Tong Ho Shing’s equipment has quickly increased from 10 sets to 60 sets, which means a significant increase in its manufacturing capacity over the past few years. It is also expected that by June 2021 a new office building will be built and the renovation of the factory will be finished. 
     Vice General Manager Zhu said, “In addition to construction of the new office building and renovation of the plant, we may also purchase two more sets of equipment in order to offer customers higher service quality, respond to new products development demands, increase manufacturing capacity, and create better competitiveness of products.
Developing More Overseas Customers and Offering Service Closer to Them
     In addition to consolidating existing and major European and U.S .customers, Tong Ho Shing is also active in developing overseas customers and hoping to bring its products and service closer to local markets and make them more satisfying to customers. Vice General Manager Zhu said, “We are dedicated to creating a win-win between us and our customers. Although customers are from different countries, our service, attitude, and quality are all the same. As far as Tong Ho Shing is concerned, winning the trust of customers and satisfying their demands with excellent management, leading technology, and conscientious service have been always the most important things of all.”
Tong Ho Shing contact: Ms. Zhu Xiao Yu (Vice General Manager)   Email:
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