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Sheh Fung's Revenue up 62% in Q4 and 24% in the Whole 2020
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     Sheh Fung Screws reported its consolidated revenue reached NTD254 million last December. Order booking is strong and therefore the revenue has set new records for five consecutive months at an annual growth rate of 42.97%. The company grossed NTD 693 million (up 62.05%) in the fourth quarter and NTD 2254 million (up 24.02%) for the whole year.
     The company said the growth was due to a surge in DIY demand driven by the pandemic, a vibrant residential property transactions, as well as a rebound in housing starts in the U.S. Additionally, clients' increased demand for enhanced building structure drives up the sales of long screws. The company remains positive and cautious about the first quarter of this year and expects orders booked for the next 5 months.
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