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EU's Anti-dumping Investigation on Chinese Fasteners, a Window of Opportunity for Taiwan
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     EU has launched the AD investigation on certain fastener products imported from China, including automotive screws and construction small screws. The last time that EU whipped on China's fasteners was 5 years ago. Mr. Tu-chin Tsai (TIFI Chairman) expects an additional order value of USD 1 billion for the Taiwanese automotive fastener industry if EU does impose AD duties on Chinese fasteners. He points out that automotive screws are the main products exported to Europe, taking up over 20% of Taiwan's total export. Germany is the second largest export destination for Taiwan. Other screw products going to Europe include small screws. The U.S. remains the top export destination for Taiwan, taking up over 40% of Taiwan's total overseas sales.
     President Mark Wu (QST International Corp., automotive screw manufacturer) thinks EU's anti-dumping investigation on Chinese fasteners means an opportunity for the Taiwanese fastener industry because QST now sells to Europe. Its export value of automotive screws sold to Germany amounts to USD 200 to 250 million per year, taking up 30% of its total export. Most of the products for Germany are sold from QST's headquarters in Taiwan, or manufactured by German steel plants and then supplied locally. Almost none of the products are sold from QST's plant in Xiamen City of China. It is expected that QST will be very likely to see some orders switched from China to Taiwan in the future.
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