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Industry Activities 

Japanese THREE PEAKS Truss Head Screw Vise
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         THREE PEAKS GIKEN's "DS-165T Vise" consists of a grip jaw, an adjustable screw and an unlocking lever. In application, use the adjustable screw to adjust the opening range of the jaw and apply the vise on a stripped screw. The vise will lock on the screw and make it easy to loosen the screw. Push the lever upwards and the vise is unlocked.
         The vise uses a cap screw as the adjustable screw. When the stripped screw is gripped by the vise, you can insert an Allen wrench in the adjustable screw and screw it in further to generate a grip larger than a hand grip. The jaw has a tapered tip that can reach limited space. In addition to ordinary screws, the vise can be used on truss screws, and it is expected for use in the construction market and automotive aftermarket.
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