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Industry Activities 

Racing into an 80 Years Milestone- SACMA Impresses the Industry with “High Speed” in Monza
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     On October the 8th, 2019, the world’s leading and Italy headquartered fastener manufacturing machinery producer SACMA LIMBIATE S.p.A., organized a grand event in one of the world’s oldest racing track in Monza (Italy) in celebration of the significant 80th anniversary milestone in the Group’s glorious history. Nearly 100 SACMA’s VIP guests and longterm close business partners from around the world were invited to witness the impressive progress and marveling improvement over the past decades achieved by the globally recognized fastener machinery giant.
     Right next to the track and with Italian light refreshments for all to enjoy, all guests from Europe, USA, Brazil, Taiwan, China, Malaysia, Turkey and many other regions were given the opportunity to celebrate the 80th anniversary together with SACMA and initiate friendly talks face-to-face with industry key-people. The guests were also invited to experience an enjoyable and thrilling ride with professional supercar drivers on the exclusive bake-painted, Ferrari, Lamborghini and Porsche. They enjoyed with SACMA team a high speed ride on the track, which reflects SACMA’s culture deeply rooted into its machine design philosophy.
Continuous Investments to Offer Speedy and Best Customer Experience
     SACMA’s Sales Director, Engineer Enrico Brigatti said “Speed is getting more and more part of our daily life, at work and beyond…speed is shaping the actual global market.” He further added that the Top Management is very conscious of this, hence over the past 5 years Sacma has kept on investing on production expansion, acquisition of new activities in order to keep up with the changing times, and that the Group is determined to intensify the production in Italy while reinforcing its worldwide aftersales service in China, USA, Brazil, as well as Taiwan. He then stressed on the fact that Sacma uses only prime European components for producing the best machines and creating the conditions for all customers to operate them successfully for a long time.
     With the strengths of innovative capabilities, SACMA has also announced that the new “S-Tooling Office” dedicated to tooling design will be officially presented at Wire Dusseldorf together with a new machine concept, model KSP12R, a new generation 1D2B machine with thread rolling unit integrated.
The Heritage of Italian Excellence
     “Our history began from a small mechanical work shop in 1939 and later the Company gradually grew from a 1-die 1-blow forming and threading machines manufacturer for wood screws to an advanced 2-blow machines manufacturer in the 1960s. A bigger change in the Company was then activated in the 1980s when SACMA went globally with further operation establishment worldwide and extensive service, substantially increasing the capacity output and sales network. SACMA also took over the operation of Ingramatic and TechnoLift respectively in 2005 and 2018, successfully broadening the service portfolios of the Group in recent years”, said SACMA President Valeriano Rampezzotti.
     As the third generation of the Company, Mr. Rampezzotti continues to follow his father’s and grandfather’s principles in corporate management, which is quite flexible and shows adaptive responses to market changes at all necessary times.
     “It’s been our pleasure to welcome so many good friends from around the world to celebrate with us the 80th anniversary of the SACMA Group. Our team members always keep the capabilities and experience inherited from the past 80 years in mind. As the President of the Group, my goal and responsibility has been always to make SACMA Group become stronger and achieve the sustainability of the Company, just like my respectable father and grandfather had already done before”, said Mr. Rampezzotti.
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