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Chen Nan Iron Wire Becomes Listed at Emerging Stock Market Since Sep. 23
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Taiwan’s wire processing and various fastener production, R&D and sales enterprise, Chen Nan Iron Wire (“the Company”), has recently announced that it has become a listed company at the emerging stock market of Taiwan since September 23rd. According to the data shown in Chen Nan’s 2018 financial report, the Company’s annual combined revenue was 1.892 bn NTD, Earnings Before Tax was 0.112 bn NTD and EPS was 2.39 NTD. Thus far the four plants in the New Plant Construction Project (Phase I) of Chen Nan Iron Wire have been put into operation. The four plants were divided into Semi-finished Wire Zone, Spheroidizing Furnace Zone, Finished Wire Zone, Fastener Forming Zone and Heat Treating Zone. In addition, several sets of multi-stroke machines were also introduced into the new plants in order to correspond with the increasing capacity and demands for wire and special screw exports. The automated inventory & packaging plants and the new office building (Phase II) is also scheduled to be completed by the third quarter of 2021. The total plant of the Project spans the area of around 138,000 sq. m.
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