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Industry Activities 

Fu Kai Fastener Enterprise Adopts NTD Million Inspection Equipment
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     Taking on harder challenges is a common characteristic of all successful entrepreneurs. Chief Executive Officer Bruce Chen spent NTD millions on a series of inspection equipment this year to further promote product quality and gradually raise the proportion of overseas sales. He was not set back by the ever-changing international market. On the contrary, he differentiated Fu Kai from other traditional screw makers by enabling Fu Kai to sell both products and solutions.

NTD 2 Million Investment in Inspection Equipment
     Fu Kai adopts domestic and foreign highly-accredited inspection equipment, including the 2.5D inspection machine, optical sorting machine, hardness tester etc. this year. It is working on establishing a QA room to open up new possibilities after 38 years of history. Bruce thinks inspection equipment is an essential and necessary investment for tapping into overseas markets, because overseas clients care a lot about whether a manufacturer owns inspection equipment. Fu Kai can provide various proofs of inspection according to customers’ needs.

Adding Specialized Talents for Fastener Inspection
     In addition to adding inspection equipment, Fu Kai also employed more specialized inspection personnel, Packaging QA examiners, and onsite technicians, adding talents and training them for continuously expanding production lines. It expanded the office to give employees a better work environment. Bruce said it is not easy to enter the fastener industry. He treats his employees like partners of a team and is willing to share his fastener knowledge
with them.

Handling the Whole Process from Forming to Packaging
     Fu Kai uses its own equipment for the whole process from forming to packaging This sets the company free from the limitation to specific product types and enables it to develop a variety of screws. Its packaging can be adjusted to cope with requested sizes. Therefore, its products can be highly customized to demands. Bruce said the reason to cover the whole process is to be able to control quality, and more importantly to immediately locate the cause in the event of problems, thereby avoiding the situation of clients waiting out the communication process between companies.

Highly Flexible and Customized Design
     Fu Kai does not shy away from the challenges in customized products. It discusses face to face with customers, assists them in revising drawings or develops products with them that suit their final purposes. Bruce acknowledged this is not an easy task, but “solving every problem” is the most significant feature of Fu Kai. Recently Fu Kai has produced knob screws with the function of buffering. These screws come in special sizes and require the use of plastic injection for various designs. Such design changes are done in collaboration and
discussion with clients.

     Currently Fu Kai’s overseas clients are mainly from Europe, central Asia and the U.S. The company mainly manufactures small screws, automotive screws, sheet metal screws, PEM screws and SEMs screws. With so much care about his clients, Bruce took a plane to meet clients around the world for many times in order to realize their needs and come up with the best solutions for them.

Fu Kai’s contact: Bruce Chen


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