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China’s Fastener Export Drops in H1 2019
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     China’s fastener export in the first half of 2019 reached 2,094,346 tons, down 2.4% from the same period last year and the average export price per KG was US$ 1.91, up 2.34% from the same period last year.

     The cumulative export volume in the first half of 2019 was less than 2.1 million tons. Till 2018, China’s fastener export had demonstrated an increase in volume for 3 consecutive years and had been demonstrated an increase in price for 2 consecutive years; however, in the first half of 2019, China’s fastener export already showed a decline in its export volume. In Jan. 2019 China’s fastener export amounted to 417,918 tons (the highest volume in a single month of the year); in Feb. 2019 it shrank to 218,447 tons; in Mar. 2019 it started to increase again and this growth continued till May. The export volume in May reached 410,235 tons. In June 2019, the volume dropped again to 370,156 tons. It is estimated that China will suffer a difficult time in increasing its fastener export again in 2019.  

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