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Japanese LINEX Releases TRIBO 3-in-1 Bolt
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Tribo Bolt combines multiple patented designs into an original branded product integrating a special head shape, special materials and special threads. It achieves three major functions: lightweighting, high strength and anti-loosening. The head height is 60%-70% of a hexagonal bolt, the head diameter is 80%, and the total volume is 50% of a hexagonal bolt.
  • Zero driving angle. Great torque transmission.
  • Increases socket durability.
  • Makes the socket lighter, thinner, shorter and smaller.
  • Special outer shape requiring specified tools. Anti-theft.
  • Miniaturized grain structure. Reduced material impurity. Enhanced delayed fracture resistance. High strength.
  • MotionTite asymmetrical thread design increasing fatigue strength by 1.2 times. Resisting impact and vibration.
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