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Industry Activities 

Japanese Kamiyama Tekkosho Develops a Test Device Analyzing Self-drilling Screw Performance
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Kamiyama Tekkosho developed the self-drilling screw fastening test device called "SCR-19S" with an aim to reduce the required time of fastening self-drilling screws by 50%. The company is currently using the device for trial tests and it expects to develop a new type of self-drilling screws by 2020.

The common way to test self-drilling screws is to improve the drilling tip and then measure the time required for the self-drilling screw to fasten onto test materials. The way that the new device takes is to use sensors to measure the number of rotation of the screw as well as the force applied to the screw's axial and perpendicular direction, and then use the new acquired data to improve drill tip design.

Kamiyama Tekkosho's "Uni-point" construction self-drilling screws drills into iron plates without the need for pre-drilling holes. The new screw design is expected to further improve Uni-point.

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