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New Car Sales in Chile Down 3.5% in Q1 2019
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According to the report of ANAC (Chile), the domestic sales of new cars in Chile in the first quarter of 2019 totaled 94,654 units of vehicles, down 3.5% from the same corresponding period of 2018. The sales of new cars this March were 30,199 units of vehicles, down 9.5% from the same corresponding period last year.  
According to ANAC, the result in Q1 shows the slowdown of economic growth and lower consumer confidence in the country and the projected full-year sales of new cars in Chile in 2019 are around 400,000 units of vehicles. Citroën Chile and Eurofrance GM Rodrigo Hernando estimated that the decline margin of new car sales this year will be nearly 7%, a more significant drop than that in Q1 2019, which means the full-year sales are estimated to reach nearly 390,000 units of vehicles.
The car brand with the highest sales in Chile is Chevrolet (9.4% of the market share in March), followed by Kia (8.1%), Suzuki (7.6%), Nissan (7.1%) and Hyundai (6.6%).
In addition, the sales of trucks in Q1 2019 grew 3.8% to 3,375 units of vehicles.

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