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Small Screw Maker Resolving Damaged and Stripped Threads - Fu Kai Fastener Enterprise Co., Ltd.
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by Nai Wen Chang, Fastener World

Fu Kai offers a complete line of small screws. In addition to machine screws, its primary products in the small screw category include self-tapping screws, trilobular thread screws, PT screws, Clinching Series (PEM Series) and Welding Studs. These screws are designed to fasten plastic parts and metal parts. They are heat treated to have enough strength so there is very little occurrence of stripped threads during fastening. Fu Kai is particularly stringent about the quality of small screws, and its products do not cause stripped threads in fastening.

Smooth Fastening, Delicate Design, Flexible Uses
Fu Kai helps clients develop more visually appealing and durable small screws, and helps them improve the fineness of products and satisfaction of end-users. “Our small screws are used in various industries, mostly automobiles, furniture, and sheet metal. Products today are expected to be more visually appealing, compact and delicate. Small screws in service can reduce volume and are easy to hide, giving developers more flexibility to design their uses. Used with firmly fixed mating parts, the screws can have additional endurance and therefore increase buyers’ confidence in us,” said General Manager Bruce Chen.
Since the time of inception, apart from manufacturing screws, Fu Kai has been targeted to providing clients with fastening solutions. “Most clients found they had no one to ask when they had problems in fastening with mating parts after they purchased the screws, or the lack of knowledge of screw’s and mating part’s properties in the design phase led to a halt of the assembly line in the manufacturing phase. To tackle this, the founder of Fu Kai began to participate in discussing with the product development department and give developers reference of related technique and material properties. As a manufacturer, Fu Kai can develop clients’ desired tooling on its own, so it can help clients speed up product development. Additionally, the production line will not be forced to stop during mass-production, thereby increasing clients’ production efficiency.”

Adequate Capacity to Supply High-End Automotive Screw Market
Fu Kai has sufficient capacity to produce the desired amount that clients need for a specified deadline. The current monthly capacity is over 20,000,000 pcs and up to a maximum of 50,000,000 pcs depending on orders. With particular focus on quality control, Fu Kai uses 2D projectors and has purchased 2.5D measuring machines, hardness testers and optical sorting machines this year. These equipment is expected to reduce the cost for sorting, improve quality and create better prices for clients. Having improved equipment not only allows for accuracy and speedy inspection, but also significantly decreases defection and increases clients’ trust.
In addition to ISO9001, EQA, ANAB ISO17025 among other certificates, Fu Kai is planning to improve the quality of production line by applying for ISO16949. “Our automotive parts clients are from the after market. With their recognition on our products, our improvement on production line and our certificates, we will have better advantages in investing in the automotive components market in the future.” The whole manufacturing process from material feeding, production to packaging are inspected to maintain stable quality . Fu Kai’s products are sold to Asia, Europe, the Americas among other regions and its small screw lineup mainly includes machine screws, self-tapping screws, PT screws, high-low screws, Clinching Series (PEM Series) and Welding Studs.

Contact: General Manager Bruce Chen


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