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Adhering to Quality, Honesty and Competitive Prices in Business - Diing Sen Fasteners Industrial Co., Ltd.
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by Nai Wen Chang, Fastener World

Diing Sen Fasteners Industrial Co., Ltd. is a company capable of helping customers develop customized small screws. Despite challenges ahead, President Holland Wang with years of experience in small screws and passion maintains close collaboration with threading plates, molds, and dies factories to solve customers' problems. With up to 4,000 tons of monthly capacity, Diing Sen mainly produces screws made of low carbon steel/stainless steel/solid brass, chipboard screws, construction screws, drywall screws, wood screws, self-tapping screws, machine screws and special screws. Materials used can be as per customers' request and fasteners are available in diameters of 0.8mm-12mm and lengths of 3mm~600mm.

Led by the Management with Professional Background to Enhance Quality Continuously
Founded in 1981, Diing Sen, is also accredited to ISO9001, ISO14000 and CE. It has two plants in Taiwan, two in Vietnam and one in China, with more than 2,000 employees in total. Diing Sen's quality assurance division functions under the strict supervision of the company's president. In addition to the QA division, Diing Sen also has a technical center specifically responsible for the R&D of high value-added products. The company is planning to apply for TS16949 in order to ensure its competitive strength.  
With a degree in a mechanical engineering department, President Wang runs the company with his professional background and practical attitude toward customer service, making lots of foreign customers willing to maintain long-term collaboration with Diing Sen. Collaborating with many associate upstream and downstream factories in Taiwan, Diing Sen can absolutely satisfy global demand and offer various and fast manufacturing solutions.

Global Presence and Capabilities to Offer Large Volumes and Any Dimensions
With an aim at marketing its superior products around the world, each operation of Diing Sen supplies specially designated markets for local demand, while its two plants in Taipei and Kaohsiung supply U.S. market. As for the plant based in Jiansu (China), it supplies the whole domestic demand in China as well as certain industries in Japan. However, the value of products supplied to the “certain” industries in Japan per month also means more than US$ 1 million worth of orders.
In terms of Europe, President Wang set up a 160,000 sq. m plant in Vietnam at the beginning of 2000 for supplying the European market, which produces low carbon steel screws and can process wire drawing, annealing, forging, rolling, hardening, electroplating, coating and packaging. Its monthly capacity includes more than 2,500 tons of bolts/nuts/special parts and 500 tons of stainless steel screws. The plant in Vietnam not only shows the most outstanding production & sales records amongst its other plants, but is also the only one plant of Diing Sen capable of completing all manufacturing processes from wire drawing to the final packaging.  
All solutions for surface treatment used in Diing Sen’s plants are internationally licensed and compliant with environmental protection regulations and quality requirements. President Wang said, “Keeping talented people in the company is a key to maintaining good quality. From our forefront sales to the final packaging workers, all of our employees adhere to the principle of quality, which shows our technique and experience and establishes the reputation for our quality.” Quality is the basis for a company’s sustainable operation, while expertise and service are both critical factors for winning customers’ trust. 

Contact: David Wang


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