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Japanese Nitto Seiko Develops Collar-less Self-tapping Screws
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In recent years the Japanese automotive industry started a boom of lightweighting and has increasing demand for automotive self-drilling screws. Of all the types of self-drilling screws, the ones used for resin do not trigger creep (the tendency of a solid material to move slowly or deform permanently under the influence of mechanical stresses) when  exposed in high temperatures. For creep prevention, usually a less heat-deformable iron collar and an insert nut are embedded into the resin which then will be fastened. However, this method will increase the use of components, processes and cost, which is against the priciples of lightweighting.

Nitto Seiko has successfully developed self-drilling screws for resin that are free from the use of collars and insert nuts. Their axial portion has two different kinds of threads with identitcal thread pitch. Through the threads, the screws self-tap into the material to be fastened and the mating material. This mechanism prevents wobble and creep in the case of axial force reduction and creep. The screws launched sales since February 1 with a sales target of 1 million pieces to the automotive and house hold appliance industries by 2020.
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