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Strong R&D Capability of Self-drilling Screw Dies Boosts Clients’ Productivity -- Gian-Yeh Industrial Co., Ltd.
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by Dean Tseng, Fastener World

Gian-Yeh located in Lungching District of Taichung is a die manufacturer with its technical ability recognized by major international brands. Particularly it is a specialized developer of self-drilling screw dies. It made an early start on the die business and has been designing and developing dies for self-drilling screw clients since Taiwanese self-drilling screw industry started to take off, eventually becoming a major pusher behind the  development of this industry. Since its founding in 1989, Gian-Yeh has had 30 years of experience in manufacturing drill point dies for self-drilling screws. It also offers forging dies for screwdrivers, rivet dies, dies for woodworking iron nails, etc.

Taking Part in Clients’ Product Design to Build High-Performance Self-drilling Screw Dies
Well-performing dies can not only extend die life but also produce more screws at a lower cost for clients. President Mr. Lin Tsang Yao said, “We prioritize and deliberately monitor the stability and quality of die materials. Using our dies, clients can consistently predict the volume of their screw production.” This helps Gian-Yeh earn clients’ trust and therefore its products are sold well to major high-end companies in the U.S., Europe and Japan. They attach importance to Gian-Yeh’s R&D capability and invite the company to be a part of product quality improvement design. They are willing to reference Gian-Yeh’s opinions on product design. “Participating in the product design of major international companies allows us to see through their perspectives and change ours to improve our technical ability further. During product design, we pay extreme attention to improving performance while respecting and retaining clients’ own uniqueness. We never leak the designs nor use them with different clients. Clients who referenced our design suggestions have seen a huge boost in production quality and efficiency.”

Currently Gian-Yeh’s capacity has reached 6,000 pieces per month, 60% of which are standard dies and 40% are customer-tailored dies. 40% of the products are exported and 60% of which are sold domestically. Gian-Yeh has two manufacturing plants equipped with over 120 EDM machines to instantly cope with all sorts of demand on volume and lead time. Furthermore, it has a spare area planned for future plant expansion. “As the number of our clients grow, we are increasing capacity every year. We and our clients are bonded with each other and grow together.”

Gian-Yeh adopts computer aided design and high-speed engraving and milling to further improve its machining technique. It also enhances its basic die making capability for forging die flow, metallurgy, and surface electroplating. So far it is mainly focusing on developing dies for large size self-drilling screws and stainless steel screws. There is no end to Gian-Yeh’s die development and this is a continual progression that the company creates with clients.

Eyeing the Emerging Markets and Continuing to Develop New Dies
Gian-Yeh’s die sales targets are not limited to advanced countries. The company has been watching the development of emerging countries. Currently it has clients in China, India, and Vietnam, and it is particularly looking forward to Vietnam’s sizable market potential brought by local preferential tariff. At the end of the interview with the president, he said there is an ongoing trend with self-drilling screw dies. As screw makers are going for high quality screw production, the proportion of clients purchasing stainless steel screw dies is increasing. This phenomenon not only emerges in Asia but also in the U.S., Europe and Japan, which means the world’s demand for stainless steel screw dies is on the rise. Therefore, Gian-Yeh is actively developing stainless steel screw dies to make an early preparation for the future demand growth. With unique market sensitivity and robust R&D capability, Gian-Yeh’s dies are expected to set a new sales record!

Gian-Yeh’s contact: President Mr. Lin Tsang Yao

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