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Update for Taiwan’s Fastener Export in Q1 2018
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According to the statistics of Taiwan Customs, in Q1 2018 the main product categories in Taiwan’s fastener export were: Other Screws & Bolts (7318159000), Nuts (7318160000), Self-tapping Screws (7318140000), Wood Screws (7318120000) and Iron Nails (7317009010). Except for the category of iron nails showing a significant decline of 23.80%, other top 4 categories all showed a growth between 7-9%. The total export volume of Other Screws & Bolts (7318159000) and Nuts (7318160000) represented more than 70% of the total export volume (about 0.4 million tons) of Taiwanese fastener industry to the world in Q1 2018.  
If viewed by export destination, in Q1 2018 the top 5 destinations for Taiwan’s fastener export were: USA, Germany, the Netherlands, Japan and Canada. More than 40% (about 0.16 million tons) of Taiwanese fasteners were exported to USA in the period.

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