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Chun Kai Machinery Co., Ltd. - High Quality Straightening Machine Taking High Market Share in 30 Countries Worldwide
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Chun Kai started as a developer of automated machines and specialized in designing and manufacturing automated equipment for various industries. It has had more than 30 years of specialty since it opened business in 1986. In 1995, it developed a series of straightening machines and started to offer OEM straightening service unavailable from other counterparts. Therefore, it has adequate experience to cope with various workpieces and can precisely solve clients’ problems with machine configuration. Its years of practical experience, continuous improvement and innovation as well as complete after-sale service have pushed its products to nearly 30 countries across the U.S., Europe, and Asia. It has taken 50% of the straightening machine market share in Taiwan, and its overseas sales is double the figure of domestic sales. This shows that its machine quality is trusted by domestic and overseas clients.
Chun Kai features 2 product types: Straightening machine and measuring instrument. The straightening machine series includes roller type hydraulic straightening machine, go-through type straightening machine, platform type straightening machine, flat plate smoothening machine, automatic feeding screw straightening machine, and hex wrench biaxial straightening machine. They are suitable for processing materials like steel, copper, aluminum, stainless, titanium and are used to straighten long metal rods in round, multi-angular, special shapes as well as in plate form. The measuring instruments include automatic/manual straightness measuring stand. Chun Kai’s products have acquired patents in the U.S., Taiwan, and China and passed CE certification. They are applied in various industries such as fasteners, hand tools, motor vehicles, bikes, and machine components; even with extension to aerospace and medical industries.
Chun Kai recently developed CK-320 automatic screw straightening machine and CK601 stepped automatic screw straightening machine that are applicable to screws with or without a head. They not only save the trouble of manually feeding each single screw but also significantly improve speed and smoothness with better quality. The company said its team continually develops new models and takes on challenges to come up with new technology and equipment that other companies cannot. Chun Kai’s machines can be customized to clients’ demand as they can handle adjustment and changes in accordance to various types of workpiece. Before shipment, incoming materials and parts inspection and repeated tests on assembled machines are strictly monitored to present straightening machines compliant to clients’ standard. Strict quality control enables the machines to last over 10 years without the need for repair, proving Chun Kai’s product durability and high quality.
Facing the development of automation and unmanned operation in the global machinery industry, Chun Kai will continue to improve products, introduce intelligent systems, and tap into the automated factories market. It will continue expanding in the overseas market and focus on developing and developed countries to present high quality straightening machines to the world!
Contact : General Manager Mr. Chin-Chang Huang
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