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Industry Activities 

Haiyan Yuanyang Standard Piece Co., Ltd.---Manufacturing High Quality Fasteners with Excellent Technique
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by Gang Hao Chang, Vice Editor-in-Chief of Fastener World


Founded in 2003 and headquartered in Huangqiao Hardware Industrial Park (Zhejiang, China), Haiyan Yuanyang Standard Piece Co., Ltd. has been one of the leading high quality fastener manufacturers in China and a well-known fastener company industrywide when it comes to high quality fastener manufacture. Under the leadership of General Manager Ying for 15 years, Yuanyang following the mission statement of “quality first and honesty” has been continuously dedicated to manufacturing various M6-M27 standard parts and non-standard parts, which are mostly applied in construction and electricity industries. Its main products include concrete bolts, hex flange series, hex wood screws, carriage bolts, non-standard parts, hex bolts, etc. In addition to fasteners in standard lengths, Yuanyang also has the capability to manufacture parts up to 300 mm in length. Such a wealth of manufacturing experience and excellent processing technique of the company not only make its customers worldwide willing to maintain long term partnership with it, but also make Yuanyang receive compliments from many fastener purchasers around the world.  


Dot the i’s and Cross the t’s 

Customer Satisfaction Always Has High Priority

For Yuangyang, which deems offering high quality products as the highest principle in corporate operation and sets reaching full customer satisfaction as the final goal, having the ability to produce the most perfect products for customers and help them create higher added value has been for long the promise of the company to customers. Accordingly, 3 years after the inception, Yuanyang started to expand its factory, acquire land to build a more spacious manufacturing site, introduce advanced processing equipment, and optimize factory and warehouse arrangement, which are all for maximizing the capacity utilization. Thus far, 50 sets of 3-die 3-blow and 4-die 4-blow equipment (incl. 8 multi-stage formers and 20 peripheral machines) have been installed and put in operation in its factory. The automated/efficient production lines and well-experienced technical team also help ensure high quality of products and punctual delivery. Besides fasteners compliant with German, U.S., Australian and other common int’l standards, Yuanyang could also quote and customize as per customer’s application and drawing. Recently it has been also active in promoting its reusable concrete bolts that can be used to replace expansion bolts. In terms of meeting customers’ requirements, Yuanyang is trying really hard to have every task done perfectly.


An ISO Certified Company Trusted by European/U.S. Customers

Yuanyang with 80% of its products for export has accumulated years of experience in doing business in Europe and USA. It understands what these customers need and knows what product best fits their expectations. In order to tap into the int’l market and strengthen presence in Europe/USA, Yuanyang has introduced ISO14001, ISO9001, and ISO16949 systems into the company, which ensure complete compliance of its in-plant production lines and relevant management with int’l standards. In China, its excellent product quality was even honored with “The AAA Level Fastener Company in the Category of Best Quality Service” in 2008. Manager Hank Wang said, “In order to respond to more diversified market trends and customers’ needs, we’ll keep going with higher-end products development and apply for more certificates.”


Besides standard parts, fasteners developed by Yuanyang have been patented by authorities for times as well. Hank Wang said with confidence, “Compared to other companies manufacturing larger size of fasteners, Yuanyang being a medium-size enterprise is not only able to offer high quality innovative products, but is also able to offer better prices that help increase customers’ competitive edge in the market! Noticing customers’ stricter requirements on quality, Yuanyang will continue to elevate its technical level, release inner capabilities, reduce costs (but still maintain quality), and yield more profit to customers!”


Yuanyang contact: Manager Hank Wang


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