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Excellent Fastener Company in Hebei Province of China Handan Jinggong Construction Anchor Manufactory Co., Ltd.
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Handan Jinggong Construction Anchor Manufactory (HJCAM) is located in Handan City, the largest hub of standard parts in China, adjacent to Jingguang Railway on the east side and near Beijing - Shenzhen Highway. It has geographic advantage and convenient traffic. It specializes in construction anchors, and is a technical company integrating scientific research, development, production, sales and service. It has been gaining strength over the past decade. So far it has had a large factory area spanning 8,400 square meters, and set up a branch in Yongnian. It mainly produces fasteners, and is also a large private trading company in Handan dedicating to developing overseas markets.


The whole company has fully implemented the ISO9000 quality management system, and has passed the requirement of ISO9001:2008. Therefore, it currently focuses on collaboration with ETA-certified clients. It also has a high quality and complete quality control system as well as advanced production and inspection equipment. Workshop production is mostly done by multi-stage headers. The equipment inspects product properties like tensile strength, hardness, coating thickness, and metallographic characteristics, and is applied to construction anchors and fasteners. Meanwhile, the advanced equipment guarantees the company’s annual capacity at as high as 1,500 tons that are sold across the world. The sale proportions in domestic and overseas markets are: 15% for the domestic market, 10% for Australia, 20% for Europe, 10% for South Korea, 8% for the Americas, 4% for Russia, 30% for Southeast Asia, and 3% for other regions. Furthermore, over the years the company has had a long collaboration with many worldly-renowned partners such as FISHER, INDEX, ICON, MACSIM, FIFTH ELEMENT, and TRUTEK. It has a promise on top reputation, and quality first, and is a highly professional and credible fastener maker/seller. In the meantime, it is gearing toward specialization and conglomeration with the support and care of its vast range of clients.


Providing High Value & Low Price Products Through Profession and Experience 

HJCAM’s main products are chemical anchors, expansion bolts and fasteners. Profession is the reason that the company can outstand in the current ever-competitive international society. Through years of experience, it has successfully developed many dies for its products to ensure a complete range of specifications. It strictly follows the national steel standards to ensure rapid and legitimate sourcing of steel. It strictly controls the whole manufacturing process and quality, providing clients with reliable products. It innovates and adopts advanced equipment to reduce production costs, ensuring that the products with high value and low price have a firm foothold in the market. What is the most convincing about HJCAM is that the products are quality insured by Peoples Insurance Company of China, and that they have passed the quality inspection of National Building Engineering Quality Supervision and Inspection Center for many times. It was respectively certified as the “Benchmark Company in Hebei Province”, “Technological Company in Hebei”, and “Company of Certified Product Quality in Hebei”.


Ever since inception, HJCAM has been sticking to the spirit of “Innovation, Technology and Continuous Development”. It actively copes with the challenges in the international market based on its principle of “Earnest Service”. It calmly faces the increasingly fierce competition, adopts advanced technology and equipment, and through the course of growth it has made a reliable impression on clients with its high quality, low price and perfect after-sale service.


Grand Goal & Non-stop Endeavors 

The era is progressing, and the global fastener market is continuously changing as well. In the future, HJCAM will steadily expand its current markets, and actively develop markets in other developing countries, hoping that someday its name will be seen on high-rise around the world and that it can proudly say “The world needs HJCAM”. This is the goal that HJCAM strives for.


HJCAM will continue to expand its market in its future development. The first target is to increase the production scale. In the second half of the year the company will make an investment and produce concrete bolts and threaded rods. By the end of this year, 3 electroplating lines will become operational one after another, further reducing production costs and increasing product competitiveness in the international market.


Contact for Handan Jingong: Mr. Nai Shan Wang (email:


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