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UK Hafren Fasteners Rolls out New PowerSIX™ Security Screw
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PowerSIX™ is a versatile tamper resistant self-threading security screw. Ideal for all types of fencing applications, the tri-Lobular self-threading screw eliminates the need for nuts, reducing labour costs & installation time. For added security PowerSIX™ security screws also feature a unique 2-way (removable) security drive. Regular 6-Lobe/Pin Torx tooling will not fit this unique security drive.

Tri-Lobular self-threading screw​s are designed to tap (cut) their own threads as they are driven into a pre-drilled hole. This helps to eliminate the need for nuts or pre-tapped holes, dramatically reducing labour costs for installation.

The unique tri-lobular configuration provides a built-in locking device to help ensure joint integrity and resist loosening caused by vibration.

Materials and finish

The PowerSIX™ Screws are Case Hardened Steel with a Geomet® 500 B coating. Benefits include:

  • Excellent corrosion protection
  • Integrally lubricated for quick and easy installation
  • Bimetal compatibility with aluminium
  • Paintable coating ideal for fencing applications
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