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Oregon Designer 's PlusMinus Screwdrivers are Meant to Live Outside the Toolbox
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Oregon-based designer Erdem Selek has turned the everyday screwdriver into a desktop ornament with the PlusMinus tool set, which he will showcase at Milan design week. PlusMinus is a minimalist take on the traditional screwdriver, with a ping-pong-bat shape devised to fit the hand. The designer intends it to be kept out on display rather than tidied away into a toolbox. "The object questions the affordances of screwdrivers and tries to find a form that is intuitive and visually in tune with our living spaces" said Selek. The paddle-shaped, polished stainless steel handles taper into Phillips #2 and 3/16-inch flat-bladed screwdrivers. Plus and minus signs are engraved into the handles to encourage the user to "instinctively unscrew or screw".

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