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Japanese Yudensha Developed Anti-seizure Surface Treatment Technology and Rolled out Seizure Resistant Nut
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Yudensha, Co., Ltd and Kishiwada Steel Co., Ltd teamed up and developed a new surface treatment technology that prevents stainless steel bolt/nut seizure. The anti-seizure nut that adopts this new technology will be available in M4-M30 and distributed through Yura Sansho Co., Ltd.

The anti-seizure nut has the following features:

1. No sign of seizure after 8 times of seizure test, or when fastening the M8 anti-seizure nut with 110N・m torque.

2. Heat resistance range: -50℃~400℃

3. Passed JIS-Z-2371 salt spray test. No rust.

4. Galvanic corrosion might occur but it does not affect the ability to prevent seizure at all.

5. Coefficient of friction: 0.38 under fixed axial force; 0.32 under fixed torque.

6. Axial force: 5.0[kN] under fixed torque. Increasing axial force due to reduced coefficient of friction.

7. Substantially reduce bolt/equipment replacement.

8. Dry heat treatment meaning the anti-seizure nut can be used immediately after treatment.

9. High coating adhesion meaning the anti-seizure nut can be used repeatedly.

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