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Indian Rivia Enterprises Introduces Zigzag Type SS Cable Ties
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Rivia Enterprises manufactures Cable Fasteners in Stainless Steel material. The company's vast range of cable fasteners include:Self Locking Ball Lock SS Cable Ties, SS Coated Cable Ties, SS ladder Cable Ties, SS Releasable cable Ties, SS Zigzag Cable Ties, Cable Tie Tools, Stainless Steel Marker Tags, SS Ear Clamps. We have recently introduced ZigZag type SS Ties.Zigzag Type SS Cable Ties play a wide role in this modern era. These ties provides a strong, durable method of bundling and fastening. The ties are designed for use in application where strength, vibration, weathering, corrosion extremes are a factor.The unique zigzag wave form design of zigzag type roller ball lock SS cable tie maintains greater installed tension when used on applications like cables, poles, pipes etc.The zigzag style of these SS Ties maintains greater installed tension and tightly clamps on the application. In addition to cable ties, the company offers strong, durable, anti-corrosive and anti-abrasive blind rivets, as well as blind nuts containing femail threads for attaching removable parts.

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