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TA CHEN INTERNATIONAL INC. Gains Critical Power from Acquiring Renowned US Distribuor
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Robert Hsieh, president of TA CHEN INTERNATIONAL which recently has acquired the renowned US distributor PCF, told in the NIFMSE that building private brands is the future for Asian industrial products. Five years ago he acquired the highly credited BBI in the US, successfully selling screws, nuts, stainless steel and aluminum alloy mainly made by Taiwanese makers to the US market. Currently its revenue of sales targeting at the US market reaches USD 2 billion. Robert Hsieh is regarded as the gloy of Taiwan.


As he points out, there are three obstacles for Tauwanese companies to develop marketing channels in the US. One is the sales clash with current clients; another is  that Taiwanese companies are not much of a hand at American style management; the other is the inability to acqurie funds from mainstream US banks. TA CHEN INTERNATIONAL takes the first and unprecedented action in Taiwan industry to acqurie an American distributor, and this is also a strategy driven by positive outlook for the future market condition.

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