Japan SAIMA Corp. Releases Plumb Flower Recess Type Tamper Resistant Fasteners
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【Product Introduction】
1. Easy fastening with a wrench or screwdriver.
2. According to design, once the product is embedded, the head part will break to eliminate the recess, making it very difficult for those who want to damage the product for illegal pupose.
3. Note that the product cannot be easlily retreaved after it is embedded.

【Product Speculation】
1. Material: Screw head made from stainless steel A2.
2. Available size:
    M3 L=6/8/10
 M4 L=8/10/12
 M5 L=10/12/16
 M6 L=12/16/20/25

3. 【Breakaway Torque on the Head】
    M3  1.47N・m
 M4  1.96N・m
 M5  2.55N・m
 M6  4.22N・m

(Picture of product sample as below)

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