PEMSERT® Self-Clinching Flush Nuts for Thin Metal Sheets Install Without Protrusions on Either Surface
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PEMSERT® self-clinching flush nuts are designed for attachment applications where thin metal sheets can benefit from introduction of strong load-bearing threads without protrusions being created on either side. Upon permanent installation in aluminum or steel sheets as thin as .060 in., top and bottom of sheet remain flush. Installation is accomplished easily by preparing a properly sized round mounting hole in the sheet, placing the shank of the fastener into the hole, and applying sufficient squeezing force to embed the nut’s unique hexagonal head flush in the sheet.  The metal displaced by the head then flows evenly and smoothly around the back-tapered shank of the fastener to securely lock the nut permanently into place.  The hexagonal head and self-clinching design ultimately ensure high axial and torsional strength.
PEMSERT Type F self-clinching flush nuts are manufactured from 300 Series stainless steel in thread sizes #2-56 to ¼-20 / M2 to M6 and can be ordered to conform with US NASM45938/4 aerospace standards. 
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