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Patents on Disruptive Blind Rivet, Setting Tools & Setting Method Granted
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Manchester Consulting Group, Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA, USA, reports that patents on a family of inventions relating to a disruptive blind rivet, setting tool design and setting method have now been granted to Harry E. Taylor. The patents are in South Africa, New Zealand, Singapore and, most recently, The People's Republic of China for an Invention Patent. These patents all have 20 year terms from filing and extend through January 2028. A US Patent Application has also been examined and allowed on the disruptive blind rivet having lower manufacturing costs and improved setting characteristics. The US Patent, when issued, will have a slightly longer Patent term under US guidelines. Patent Applications in other countries remain pending, and a follow-on divisional application in the US will be shortly filed.
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by Mike McNulty, VP & Editor ( arranged by Fastener World Inc.
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