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IFI Publishes Handbooks on Torque & Mechanical Fastening
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The Industrial Fasteners Institute released two new critical handbooks, one authored and compiled by Bengt Blendulf on mechanical fastening and joining, and the other by Joe Greenslade on how to correctly tighten fasteners. Torque Book for Fasteners by Joe Greenslade features "all the engineering data in one place to calculate the correct tightening torque for all types of inch and metric fasteners."
"The question of 'How much torque should be applied' is the most frequent question I have heard from end users, directly and through suppliers, for the 42 years I have been in the fastener industry," Greenslade told "The ultimate audience is every installer of threaded fastener user in the world. I believe fastener distributors are the link in the chain that fields the question of tightening torque most frequently."
"When composing this book I realized that providing a resource that only addressed how to calculate a suggested tightening torque value for bolts and accumulating the variables data in one place was still an incomplete resource of questions related to tightening," Greenslade explained. "The content was expanded to include information on how to determine how much torque has been applied to a completed assembly, what torque to apply to tapping screws, what torque to apply to set screws, how to address galling problems associated with tightening stainless steel bolts, and a brief explanation of alternative means of effectively tightening threaded fasteners other than by measuring torque.
"In the very back of the book are several pages of worksheets indicating which tables contain which variables so the user simply fills in the blanks in the worksheet and uses a calculator to multiply the variable which results in an answer in inch pounds, foot, pounds or Newton meters depending on the last multiple that is applied."
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by John Wolz, Editor of FIN ( arranged by Fastener World Inc.
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