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Industry Activities 

Professional of Brass Inserts & Customized Parts- Chin Tai Sing Precision Manufactory
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     Chin Tai Sing  is a specialized fastener manufacturer in central Taiwan with high sales records, providing automotive and electronics industry clients with standard and special brass inserts, metal clinching fasteners (clinching bolts and studs), as well as customized parts in stainless steel and aluminum. It is also an ISO and IATF 16949 certified premium automotive parts supplier.
OEM/ODM Service Available for Domestic and Overseas Clients
     The company has many senior technical specialists at the production unit. Each one of them has well over 20 years of experience in manufacturing inserts and machining metal parts to provide customers with excellent OEM and ODM service. The 2,480-square-meter plant contains well-aligned automated machines and well-trained production staff to ensure punctual delivery to clients. Furthermore, the company has a sales unit with export specialists for prompt communication in English, saving overseas clients the troubles from communication barrier. So far the company has sold products to the U.S., UK, Germany, Japan and other European and Asian countries.
Doubled Capacity & New Market Development
     General Manager, Johny, says Chin Tai Sing started its export to the U.S. at first, and then extended to Europe and back to Asia. Since the last few years, the company has been approached by Japanese clients looking to purchase. They account for 10% of the whole client base. It is obvious that Chin Tai Sing is recognized by American, European and Japanese clients for product quality. Johny says the company's monthly capacity has doubled from 1 million to 2 million pieces to serve more overseas customers.
Triple Quality Measures to Eradicate Defects
     Chin Tai Sing has a quality inspection room equipped with visual measuring instruments, optical sorting machines and automatic packaging machines among others. Johny says the products go through two manual checks (size and appearance inspection) by 15 quality inspectors, and then onto the third check during automated sorting and packaging in order to ensure product quality before shipping to clients. Additionally, all products are numbered by lot, and clients can back trace their orders for materials used and production/inspection/packaging status. Lastly, the employees take trainings every week where they discuss better solutions for quality anomaly, optimized manufacture and new product inspection.
Positive Outlook for the 2nd Half Year & Going for Higher Product Precision
     This year kicked off with an unprecedented challenge shared by the whole world. Chin Tai Sing is not intimidated and stays on its track going forward. Johny says the market bodes an uptick for the second half of this year. The company’s overseas sales have almost returned to the pre-pandemic level and is expected for a full recovery within a year according to his estimates. Before that happens, the company is stocking up regular items for purchase and working hard to develop high precision and high level products with a smaller tolerance ranging between plus and minus 0.01 for a full-on new market development. It is also supplying products to a portion of high-end aerospace clients via OEM and ODM service. Chin Tai Sing is deploying ahead to be fully prepared for a future revitalized market!
Contact: General Manager, Johny      
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