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About Company

JennTai (Chen Tai) Machinery Enterprise Co.,Ltd. is aleading professional manufacturer of Vibrant Feeder machine. Sinceits establishment in 1985, Chentai has primarily launched itsvibrating hand tools Feed Series, preceded with self innovatedsleeve grinding, lettering, lathe, electroplating, and universaljoints with milling groove, drilling, and lathe special vibratingfeeder. With relentless effort, Chentai has further developed thevibration feeding fasteners series, including thread rollingmachines, drilling tail machines, groove milling machine, endmilling machines, washer assembly machine and video screeningseries, which received overwhelmingly positive feedback and trustfrom local and international users. Besides standard products,Chentai is also capable of designing, manufacturing and installingany non-standard products.

For more than 20 years, we insisted on "technology first",continuously improving old products, enhancing product quality. Ourproducts have awarded several international patents. The productsare very popular in South East Asia, Europe and America, and theannual sales figure is the top of our field market.

With the development of enterprise, Chenhao (Shanghai) machineInc., the branch company of Chentai was found in Oct of 2003 toprovide more complete services for our customers. The mainproduction categories including digital inclined disk screw washerassembly machine, feeding machine, the replenish pail and therelated fitting products, the main raw materials are all importedfrom overseas.

In 2009, the company's new sleeve cutting plotter overcomes theshortcomings of traditional models, improving the precision castbody by one-time processing, motor gear with hard drive, improvinghard-carved module, and the controller with mobile operation.

For many years, we kept our belief in "quality is first, goodwillis everything". From now on, we will continue to strengthen ourprofessional technical know-how and utilize of our advantage andcomprehensive services, to become the most competitive company inour business field.

Automated/Labor-saving mechanical design and manufacture,Application Field:
Metal, Non Metal Surface Processing
Cosmetics, Silicon Glue (Fill in + Lock Up)
Food, Medical, Medical Equipment
Pen, Stationary
Hand Tools, Fastener
Electronics, Information Technology
Commodity, Automobile Industry
Electrical Device, Digital Camera Field
Rubber And Plastic Manufacturing ,3C Industry
Passive Component Manufacturing

We offer professional engineering consultancy, providingprofessional knowledge for our clients, resolve feeding problemsfor your company:
Offering consulting services and modifying the originalmanufacture device to match automated or half-automated process.
Offering technical support. Assisting the customer with vibrantplates and related equipment for automated production.
Free Quotes on all different types of manufacturing procedures,resolve the issues with manual feeding, if any difficulties infeeding progress occurs, please contact with us.

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Overseas Factory / Branch
Main Product
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Vibratory Feeder Bowls, Whole Set Feeding System for Nut Tapping Process, Magnetic Conveyor, Step Feeder, Roller Sorting Machine, Linear Feeder, Scrap Sorting , Screw & Washer Assembling Machine, Automatic Metal Knurling & Letter Engraving Machine, Double End Long Tube, Socket Orientation Machine, Vibratory Bin Feeder / Hopper, Automatic Elevator Conveyor
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