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Your first choice for professional punch manufacturers.

Trailblazer in Special Punch Development
Satisfies the Global Market of High-end Punches

Sheng Long from Kaohsiung is best at developing punches of special shapes, most of which on the Taiwanese market are manufactured by this innovation-driven corporation. It mainly produces standard punches, special punches (in tungsten steel) and punches of special shapes in diameters Ø 0.25 ~ Ø 150.0, lengths up to 800mm, and tolerances up to 0.002mm. With a high market share in Taiwan, it exports to the U.S and Europe among other countries.
Magic Number for Manufacturing Premium Punches: “RA 0.03”
Service life is a highly crucial factor for punches. The higher surface roughness, the shorter punch life; conversely, the lower surface roughness, the longer life limits. Mastering roughness is a huge bottleneck in manufacturing highly durable punches. Special steels such as tungsten in particular have very high hardness. It requires extreme finesse to well handle both roughness and tolerance for punches made of such materials, and this is the technology already mastered by Sheng Long. The company keeps surface roughness below RA 0.03 to simultaneously maintain maximal performance and durability for tungsten steel.
Leading Brand of the Punch Industry
Sheng Long purchases and/or develops up to 7 types of surface treating machines. Each punch goes through up to 25 manufacturing processes to reach perfect specification, tolerance and surface roughness. The whole production line is managed through ERP to track products and keep records. “Our ERP system isn’t just an ordinary packaged software, but a customized system with every detail catering to our manufacturing process. It handles detailed analysis of production management, and is fine-tuned to reflect our finance, sales and R&D according to our customized demand. It requires collective maintenance by all employees who will produce products and upload records in compliance with the procedures to put the system in force and facilitate management across departments,” says the company. Furthermore, the company uses Europe-level parallel light optical inspection tools, IP65 outer diameter micrometers, surface roughness gages, hardness gages, concentricity gages, projectors among others to inspect quality. Quality is strictly monitored to build a premium brand of the punch industry. The company additionally rolled out its self-developed “tungsten steel six-lobe punch” which is different from those manufactured with grinding wheels. This high hardness tungsten steel punch utilizes the “milling-carving” technique where it is milled and then carved. Users claim it requires only a single punch of this type to finish a coil of wire, saving a bunch of time to change parts and the cost for dies, and improving capacity.
Unshattered in the World of Pandemic
Sheng Long has never taken any impact since the pandemic outbreak at the start of the year. The employees have been on overtime for production, which implies stable orders and revenue momentum. The company's principle is to never compromise on quality and to require each employee to do the best of their jobs and never skip on any manufacturing process. A predecessor at Sheng Long, also a respected one in the industry, said continual care for every manufacturing process and dedication to everything make for a final product that far exceeds its rivals’ and better touches the heart of clients.
Plans to Expand Facility and Increase Presence in Japan and Southeast Asia
Sheng Long is looking to purchase higher end machine tools, recruit operators and engineers and expand facilities by 50% in the future. It will continue its development in Japan and Southeast Asia. “We’ve been in the Japanese market for years and we have faith that we can meet technical requirements from every country. In the wake of the U.S./China conflict and the pandemic, nations are re-centering core supply chains to within their borderlines, not limiting to a single source of supply. The “World Factory” is gradually shifting to Southeast Asia and that’s where we're based on for strategic adjustment.” Steady as a monolith standing still in an ever-changing world, Sheng Long will not cease its steps into the world market.

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