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Changzhou Ruibo Hardware Extends to the Automotive Sector
by Gang Hao Chang, Vice Editor-in-Chief of Fastener World

Changzhou Ruibo Hardware Technology Co., Ltd. has acquired the IATF 16949 certification since the end of 2019. After being officially certified to ISO 9001:2015, Ruibo Hardware continues to improve its product quality and process management and has been recognized industry-wide.
Being a supplier specialized in offering products to SMEs from railway, automotive, military, textile, electric, machinery, aerospace, mining equipment, and high-voltage appliances industries, Ruibo Hardware mainly serves customers from China, Europe, USA, Japan, India, and Southeast Asia, and is dedicated to developing and producing various collars, stainless steel castings, cold forged parts, stamping, welded parts, CNC machined parts and non-standard or customized parts. Among these products, the CNC machined parts and stainless steel castings are developed particularly for car frames, seats, and motors, and have been adopted by some European and U.S. car manufacturers such as GM and Ford, and indirectly supplied to the fast-growing electric vehicle market. Ruibo Hardware also has another Grade 8.8 high-strength lockbolt and collar especially developed for the heavy industry, which features high stability and tight fastening capability. This product was once called by its customers as “a fastener that never comes loose.”

The Grade 8.8 High Strength Lockbolt and Collar- High Vibration, Shear, and Tension Resistance

With a wide knowledge of products, the team of Ruibo Hardware demonstrates unignorable R&D capabilities. Its previously developed Grade 8.8 high strength lockbolt and collar has been widely used in applications where the use of high-strength fastening products is required, such as railway, vehicles, mining equipment, construction steel structures, bridges, etc. This product is mainly used to connect car frames, which can not only eliminate stress, but also ensure tight fastening. In practical applications, its capabilities to quickly achieve effective and safe assembly , including excellent vibration, shear, and tension resistance, have been also testified by many users worldwide.

Strict PPAP3 Standards Compliant Inspection and Well-equipped Production Lines

Product quality, customer satisfaction, and honesty of a business have been the guidelines strictly abided by Ruibo Hardware for many years. In order to achieve perfect product quality and ensure the strict compliance of every product shipped from the factory with international standards and customers’ requirements, Ruibo Hardware continues to introduce into its factory the most state-of-the-art multistage cold formers, threading machines, general lathes, computerized lathes, processing centers, grinders, mills, wire cutters, automated welding machines and many other medium/large-size CNC processing centers, designate senior technical and executive staff to monitor each manufacturing process, and keep good quality control via its professional in-plant testing center. Its seamless integration and solid management starting from material feeding to final shipments both enable it to construct stable and long-term partnership and collaboration with many businesses around the world.

Spring Liu, general manager of Ruibo Hardware, said, “Since the establishment of Ruibo Hardware, we continue to bring our A game to meet customers’ quality standards, optimize our manufacturing technique, and offer customers high quality service. With the principles of quality & service first, reliable lead time, and aftersales service, we hope to fully satisfy customers’ requirements, which is the reason that over the past 11 years our collaboration with U.S. railway customers maintained the record of almost no customer complaint. Looking forward, we’ll keep improving our core competence and seek to provide more superior and efficient shipments. We also hope to delve more into the field of new energy vehicles and the R&D of stainless steel castings. In the new year of 2021, we’ll maintain continuous collaboration with global customers and grow with them with our development of high value-added products.”

Ruibo Hardware contact: Nancy

Changzhou Ruibo Hardware Technology Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in research development, application and market development of hardware products, precise CNC parts, cold formed and machined products, stainless steel castings, auto parts, industrial fasteners and stampings etc. We are certified with TS16949 and ISO9001-2015. We own complete testing center, cultivate professional technical team and management team, have adequate internal control system and superior after-sales service. With the goal of "High Quality, Competitive Price, Sincere and Efficient Service", our company has won a good reputation from various customer group in the field of auto industry, aerospace, railway and bridge, mining industry, engineering plant, hardware industry etc. We have established widely and close partnership with different customers in the United States, Canada, Japan, England, Korea, Chile, India, Thailand and many other countries. We highly carry forward the enterprise spirit of "Pragmatically, Unite and Strive, Innovation", We will offer best service to our customers, and expect to cooperate with you sincerely, have close communication and common development.

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Lockbolt, Collar, Precise CNC parts, Stainless Steel Castings, various cold formed and machined products, Non-standard parts, Stampings, and all kinds of mechanical welding parts

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Lockbolt, Collar, Precise CNC parts, Stainless Steel Castings, various cold formed and machined products, Non-standard parts, Stampings, and all kinds of mechanical welding parts
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