Japanese Fastener Welding Machine Maker Koyo Gigen Expands Plant

     Koyo Gigen expanded its plant in September 2019 by one fold to 1,500 square meters. The president said the demand for welding machines increased drastically over the past 5 years, so the company invested 700 million yens in moving and expanding its plant. Reaching a monthly capacity of 40 sets, the new plant manufactures large welding machines and automatic welding machines. In terms of the domestic demand, the company said, "The demand for automatic machines, which feed and weld bolts and nuts is growing in Japan. Our welding machines are highly acclaimed for a feature that they produce great and uncharred appearance after welding." "Overseas revenue is down to 15%. The European demand is recovering but slowly, and the American demand is not growing as much as expected. Demand exists in China but is mostly for previous machine models. In the future we are looking to sell our automatic models abroad."

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