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Taiwan’s Leading Fastener and Wire Manufacturer Chun Yu Group Celebrates 70th Anniversary

     On December 25th, 2019, Taiwan’s leading fasteners and wire manufacturer, the Chun Yu Group held a grand event to celebrate the Group’s 70th year milestone. During the event, Minister of Economic Affairs (Taiwan) Jong-Chin Shen, Taiwan’s China Steel Corp. Chairman Chao-Tung Wong, one of the Chun Yu Group’s founder Chun-Tang Li, and many other representatives from the Government and industry were also invited to witness the milestones the globally recognized Chun Yu Group has achieved over the past 7 decades.
      “Facing the trend of globalization, Chun Yu Group continues to consolidate the presence of its headquarters in Taiwan and expand business to service customers worldwide. Nowadays, it has become an internationally recognized company with an excellent reputation. In the future, Chun Yu also wishes to make the Group become one of the world’s topnotch manufacturers of construction, aerospace and automotive fasteners and reach the 100th year milestone,” says Chun Yu’s President Huei-Jeng Lin.
     In 2018, both the revenue and profit margin of the Chun Yu Group hit a 10-year high. In addition, its subsidiaries in Indonesia, USA, Dongguan (China), and Shanghai (China) also achieved their own new profit margin record.

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