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JERN YAO- Taking the Lead with Capabilities for Machinery Customization

     Many fastener manufacturers while seeking for fastener machinery providers will oftentimes contact Jern Yao in Taiwan, where is not only well-known for its mature fastener manufacturing technology, but also is well-known for design & assembly of fastener machinery. So far, Jern Yao has developed more than 250 types of machine models, leaving all of its competitors around the world far behind. Every year Jern Yao can assemble more than 180 sets of machines. Japanese Sugiara (supplier of Toyota), Italian top 3 leading industry giants (Fontana Group, Bontempi, SBE), and Turkish NORM Group are all loyal customers of Jern Yao.

Active Service + Reasonable Prices = Worldly Recognition

     “Our customers always told us that we could make a quick response shortly after their request and that they did feel our effort to provide them with the best service,” said GM special assistant Alec Tsai, “Jern Yao’s advantage is to try every possible way to satisfy customers’ customizing demands and offer models at more
competitive prices and with performance on par with other leading brands.”

     Mr. Tsai said, “Before we ask customers about their demands, our sales will try to explore the markets of their countries first, and after that, we can give advice to them. Thus far, the global sales footprints of Jern Yao have been expanded to more than 40 countries/regions, including Southeast Asia, Japan, USA, India, Korea, Turkey, Ukraine, Russia, Italy, Spain, etc. Although customers from different regions usually show different demands (such as demands for more automated functions or basic functions), Jern Yao can always customize ones that most fit with their products and required precision.”

Be Optimized, Innovative and Down-to-earth

     Jern Yao has always adopted the full inspection in quality control, which means every product finished in every procedure must be inspected before it is allowed to go to the next step. Its R&D team is also continuously optimizing its existing machine design and bringing in innovative ideas. Since 1993 Jern Yao has continuously held fast to meeting customers’ demands and step-by-step business running. Jern Yao President Ted Tsai once majored in mechanical engineering, so he takes every customer’s special request very seriously.

The Automotive Industry is Changing, so Must Fastener Machinery be

     President Tsai always encourages employees and the management to do their job step by step, as in whichever industry they are, quality and service are definitely the only two factors to success. In 2019 the demand from the automotive fastener industry is influenced by the decline in the global car production and the emerging market for electric vehicles, but for Jern Yao, it still successfully reached the expected growth in the challenging and tough global market. Jern Yao GM special assistant Tsai said, “We think that the market conditions in 2019 and 2020 will not probably show too many changes and the increasing popularity of electric vehicles will unquestionably reduce the demand for fasteners. Facing the challenges ahead, our goal in 2020 is definitely to achieve a better result than in 2019!”

Contact: Ms. Carol Tsai


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