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Shen Chou Fasteners Industrial Co., Ltd.-The Leading Fastener Manufacturer with a 99% On-time Delivery Rate

     Founded 30 years ago, Shen Chou has been a specialized manufacturer of stainless steel (SS) screws and has possessed extensive manufacturing experience in processing stainless steel. In fastener industry, it is quite rare to have consistently specialized in stainless steel screw manufacturing since its inception. Till now, Shen Chou capacity of each month could reach 150-250 tons in SS screw production. With superior quality, active service attitude, and the spirit of “Excellence, Stability, Profession and Innovation,” Shen Chou continues to make improvements and achieve technological breakthroughs.

Topnotch Special Drilling Screws Manufacturer

     By far Shen Chou has 16 sets of pointing machine which could support the capacity of self-drilling screw (SDS) up to 10 million pcs per month. These SDS products are mainly supplied to Japan, Europe and USA. Catering to various customers’ design of special pointer or the other part, Shen Chou is always dedicating to realizing these customized needs from no matter drawings or samples. Additionally, R&D consulting service is also available.

SS Long Size Screws Popular Among European Users

     Long SS screws for construction, another featured product of Shen Chou, successfully arouse many leading European companies' interest. The longest available length could be up to 300mm in size M10. In order to improve long size SS screws quality stability, Shen Chou did great investment in facility upgrade and relevant processing research. “Stainless steel material is quite soft by comparing with regular steel when forming; especially in long size screw production, the risk of bending is very likely to happen. However, by unremitting
efforts, we have successfully solved the various obstacles. The final results are also quite satisfying,” says Shen Chou’s Special Assistant Ms. Elaine Chen.

Perfect Guaranteed Quality

     Shen Chou knows everything about stainless steel, adheres to
its mission statements, continues to improve product quality and enhances manufacturing technology. Apart from being certified to ISO 9001, it was also certified to CE 14592 in 2018, showing its eagerness to connect to international admission of quality.

     Shen Chou has fully equipped QC lab, which has introduced several optical sorting machines, torque measurements, hardness tester, salt-spray machine as well as tensile strength testers for testing tensile strengths of wire. According to Ms. Chen, the “QC” in general enterprises is always conducted after production,
but this is not enough for Shen Chou, as it should be conducted from the very beginning of production (incl. material control, manufacturing quality) and must be well-monitored in every manufacturing stage. To provide satisfying products, Shen Chou always requires the best quality from the very beginning.

Developing High-strength Stainless Steel for More Applications

     The hardness of A2 or A4 stainless steel is not as hard as carbon steel. Unlike carbon steel, A2 or A4 stainless steel cannot be hardened by heat treatment, which cause stainless steel material limit to the particular corrosion-resistant application due to its material trait. However, Shen Chou has put great emphasis on developing hightensile SS screws (incl. A2-90, A2-100 and even higher tensile). Also, Shen Chou has successfully developed a new type of 18-8SS screw
for steel plate application. According to its outstanding performance, brings 18-8SS screw to apply to steel plate directly without predrilling hole needed, which successfully widen the application to thin steel plate (0.6~0.8mm) or the other combination board like sandwich board, or multiple layer board of steel plate and wood. The stainless steel screw application is becoming more comprehensive in outdoors, humid, or offshore environments.

Focusing on Manufacturing Stainless Steel and Expanding Overseas Markets

     Shen Chou, holding the practical core spirit, always dedicates to fulfilling customers’ needs, delivery punctuality, and high quality service. Over the past 3 years, Shen Chou had achieved the ontime delivery rate to 99% and extremely low customer complaint rate, which fully indicates spectacular control of each production procedure, lead time and quality. Therefore, these efforts reflect great
reaction about the repetitive orders from customers. Nevertheless, Shen Chou gradually grows over 80% of customized orders and successfully entering the Japanese DIY wholesale market with its rich experience and unbeatable quality. These faiths have enabled Shen Chou to expand its factories for 3 times and continue to evolve.

     Shen Chou will continue to focus on the development of SS products and will also begin to map out its future sales and R&D proposals, for developing a more complete series of SS fasteners.

Contact: Ms. Elaine Chen

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