TFTA Directors and Supervisors Meeting in Sep. & Announcement of Upcoming Events:

Taiwan Fastener Show Dinner Gala/Tesla Open House/Golf Outing/Spring Gala


TFTA (Taiwan Fastener Trading Association) President Jimmy Chang expressed his gratitude for the support of the association members by organizing a field trip to the city of hot springs (in Yilan, northeastern Taiwan) and an open house tour at Cang Jiu Winery in September. The activity was accompanied by a Directors and Supervisors Meeting in the dining hall of a hot spring holiday hotel. A total of around 40 people attended this field trip.


In the Directors and Supervisors Meeting, the President and the Chief of International Committee reported that TFTA is to hold a “Welcome Dinner Gala” a day before Taiwan International Fastener Show 2020. TFTA had sent invitations to fastener associations in the U.S., Europe, Brazil, South Africa and other places. So far, EFDA representatives have confirmed to show up at the Gala and other associations are expected to join.


Additionally, the Northern Chapter of TFTA announced an open house tour for October 18 at a Tesla showcase area in Taipei where Tesla personnel will explain fastener lightweighting in electric cars and the characteristics of electric car fasteners. As for the end of this year, TFTA has scheduled a president-cup golf outing for December 5, as well as an annual member assembly and directors and supervisors meeting for December 6. Last but not least, the spring gala and a handover ceremony for the new President will be held on February 7, 2020. (Note: The terms of the new president for 2020 will take effect on January 1, before the handover ceremony.)

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